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April 14, 2011
Coalition for Tax Competition Urges Withdrawal of Destructive IRS Interest-Reporting Regulation

April 11, 2011
New CF&P Video Spotlights Risky IRS Scheme that Would Discourage Foreign Investment and Harm U.S. Banks by Putting Foreign Tax Law above American Tax Law

March 21, 2011
CF&P Video Condemns Federal Reserve, Discusses Ways to Fix Monetary Policy

March 10, 2011
CF&P Announces Winners of 2010 Free Market Video Contest

March 4, 2011
CF&P Praises Florida Delegation's Leadership in Seeking Withdrawal of Destructive IRS Interest Deposit Regulation

March 1, 2011
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Explains the Benefits of Tax Competition

February 22, 2011
CF&P Video Uses International Examples to Show that Limiting the Growth of Government Spending Is the Best Fiscal Policy

February 14, 2011
New CF&P Video Shows that Reagan and Clinton Are Role Models for Restraining Domestic Spending

February 7, 2011
CF&P "Economics 101" Video Gives Four Reasons Why Big Government is Bad Government

January 21, 2011
CF&P Applauds GOP Proposal to Eliminate OECD Funding

January 11, 2011
New CF&P Video Explains How Personal Savings Accounts Would Save Social Security

January 6, 2011
Obama's Revival of Clinton-Era Interest-Reporting Regulation Threatens U.S. Economy

November 29, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Exposes Keynesian Consumer Spending Fallacy

November 8, 2010
New CF&P Video Debunks White House Tax-Increase Propaganda

November 5, 2010
CF&P Welcomes Members of the New Congress: Agenda Should be to Limit Government, Promote Tax Competition and Protect Financial Privacy

October 14, 2010
CF&P Announces Free Market Video Contest

October 13, 2010
CF&P Renews Call to Eliminate Taxpayer Subsidies for OECD

October 4, 2010
New CF&P Video Debunks Claim that Tax Hikes are Required to Balance the Budget

September 28, 2010
CF&P Prosperitas Paper Warns Low-Tax Jurisdictions About OECD's Anti-Tax Competition Agenda

September 22, 2010
CF&P Representative Will Defend Tax Competition, Financial Privacy and Fiscal Sovereignty at Upcoming OECD Global Forum in Singapore

September 20, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Explains Why Capital Gains Should Be Indexed to Protect Taxpayers from Inflation

August 2, 2010
New CF&P Video Exposes OECD's Big Government Bias-Financed with American Tax Dollars

July 22, 2010
CF&P President Opposes Senator Levin's Latest Attack on So-Called Tax Havens

July 12, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Calls for Repeal of Obamacare

July 1, 2010
Senator DeMint Praised for Leading the Fight Against Higher Taxes on Dividends and Capital Gains

June 29, 2010
New CF&P Video Explains the Burden of Government Spending

June 14, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Explains Job-Killing Impact of Minimum Wage Laws

June 1, 2010
New CF&P Video Exposes the Cost of a Bloated Bureaucracy

May 10, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Discusses Deficits, Debt and Unfunded Liabilities

May 3, 2010
New CF&P Video Explains Why There Should Be No Capital Gains Tax

April 12, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Exposes Hidden Tax of IRS Compliance

March 29, 2010
New CF&P Video Says Replace the IRS with a Flat Tax

March 8, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Outlines the Lessons Learned From Socialism in Sweden

February 24, 2010
Coalition for Tax Competition Condemns Provisions of the Reid Jobs Bill that Would Discourage Foreign Investment in US Economy

February 22, 2010
The Failure of Anti-Money Laundering Laws: Current System Is Costly and Misallocates Law Enforcement Resources According to New CF&P Video

February 9, 2010
New CF&P "Economics 101" Video Discusses Monopolies, Competition and School Choice

January 25, 2010
"Like Putting Perfume on a Hog":
New CF&P Video shows Big Government Is Not Stimulus and Not a Jobs Bill

January 11, 2010
CF&P Unveils "Economics 101" Series with Video Teaching About "Moral Hazard"

December 15, 2009
New CF&P Video:  America's Fiscal Crisis Is Excessive Government, not Rising Debt

December 8, 2009
Coalition for Tax Competition Condemns the Value Added Tax

November 16, 2009
New CF&P Foundation Study: Government Run Health Care Will Be A Fiscal Train Wreck

November 10, 2009
A Red Ink Fiscal Train Wreck: New CF&P Video Shows the Budgetary Cost of So-Called Healthcare Reform

November 3, 2009
New CF&P Video Warns Americans that European Style Healthcare is Not the Answer

October 14, 2009
New CF&P Video Shows Dangers of Value-Added Tax

October 7, 2009
CF&P Co-Hosts Major Conference Defending Tax Competition, Fiscal Sovereignty, and Financial Privacy

October 5, 2009
CF&P Foundation Study Shows Interstate Competition Will Lower Cost of Health Insurance

September 17, 2009
Empirical Evidence Confirms that Excessive Government Spending Undermines Economic Performance

September 2, 2009
OECD Duplicity Mars Global Tax Forum:
Paris-Based Bureaucracy Deliberately Mischaracterizes
Proceedings, Pushes New Attack on Tax Planning by Business Community

September 1, 2009
OECD Tries to Suppress Dissenting Views

August 27, 2009
CF&P to Continue Fight for Free Markets at OECD's Global Tax Summit

August 17, 2009
New Video Explains Why Government Spending Hurts Economic Growth

August 11, 2009
Fact, Fiction, and the Laffer Curve: Obama's Higher Tax Rates May Raise Revenue, but Far Less than Politicians Expect

August 3, 2009
Most Governments are too Large to Maximize Job Creation and Economic Growth New Study Finds

July 21, 2009
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Brings Light to Obama's Dishonesty on Tax Policy

June 15, 2009
New CF&P Video Makes the Case Against Class-Warfare Tax Policy

May 11, 2009
President Obama's Deferral Plan Will Hurt Competitiveness and Cost Jobs, New CF&P  Video Explains

April 21, 2009
New CF&P Video Explains Link Between Corruption and Big Government

March 24, 2009
New Video Highlights Government's Role in Creating the Financial Crisis

March 3, 2009
Kangaroo-Court Hearing Demonizes Tax Havens, Overlooks Pro-Growth Changes that Would Protect Human Rights and Reduce Tax Evasion

February 17, 2008
Since Making Government Bigger Will Not Work, New Video Shows Policies That Actually Do Boost Growth

January 26, 2008
New Video Shows Obama's So-Called Stimulus Plan Will Grow Government, Not the Economy

December 15, 2008
New Video Explains Why Keynesian Spending Is Wrong Prescription For Ailing Economy

December 1, 2008
CF&P Video Punctures Tax Haven Myths

October 22, 2008
New CF&P Foundation Video Illustrates the Moral Case for Tax Havens

September 10, 2008
New Video Highlights Benefits of Tax Havens for Global Economy

July 23, 2008
New Video Explains Economic Risks of Senator Obama's Proposal to Expand Social Security Payroll Taxes

June 20, 2008
New Tax Videos Available,  "Tax Tyranny" Among New Releases

May 29, 2008
New Video Highlights Global Flat Tax Revolution: Will U.S. Get Left Behind?

April 15, 2008
Which Tax Reform Plan Is Best for America? New Video Compares Flat Tax and National Sales Tax

April 11, 2008
Coalition for Tax Competition Urges World Bank to Reject Anti-Free Market Agenda

March 19, 2008
Part III of Laffer Curve Video Series Released: CF&P Foundation Production Critiques Flawed Revenue-Estimating Model Used by the Joint Committee on Taxation

February 29, 2008
CF&P Foundation Releases Study on the Global Flat Tax Revolution

February 27, 2008
The Long-Awaited Great Debate: Tax Competition vs. Tax Cartels!

February 26, 2008
CF&P Foundation Releases Laffer Curve Video, Part II:  Reviewing the Evidence

January 30, 2008
CF&P Foundation Releases Laffer Curve Video: Video Receives Praise from Art Laffer

December 12, 2007
CF&P Endorses Shadegg's Health Care Choice Act:: Restoring Right to Engage in Interstate Commerce, Would Lower Cost of Health Insurance

December 6, 2007
CF&P Foundation Releases Tax Competition Video, Educational Video on YouTube: Video Receives Praise for Content and Understandability

September 27, 2007
Statistical Study Confirms that High Tax Rates Discourage Productive Behavior: America Should Learn From Europe's Mistakes

August 9, 2007
Iceland's Flat Tax and Other Supply-Side Reforms Boost Growth, Generate Significant Laffer Curve Effects: CF&P Foundation Issues Fifth in a Series on Country Tax Systems

May 9, 2007
Study Documents the Beneficial Role of Low-Tax Jurisdictions in the Global Economy:  Debunks Tax Haven Myths

May 3, 2007
Biased Senate Hearing Attacks Low-Tax Jurisdictions While Ignoring Need to Reform Anti-Competitive U.S. Tax Code

April 17, 2007
Resuscitating the Case for Limited Government: New Study Finds that Small Government is More Beneficial To Growth Than Big Government

March 30, 2007
The Hong Kong Tax System: A Low-Rate Flat Tax and Modest Burden of Government Combine to Generate Rapid Growth and Widely-Shared Prosperity ~ CF&P Foundation Issues Its Fourth Tax System Series Paper in Hong Kong

March 20, 2007
Coalition for Tax Competition Urges Treasury to Reject Senate Proposals that Penalize Americans Who Invest in Nations with Competitive Tax Regimes

March 7, 2007
CF&P Launches Month-Long Global Tax Competition Education Campaign ~ Visits to Panama, Singapore and Hong Kong

February 14, 2007
The Swiss Tax System -- Showing the Benefits of Genuine Federalism and Financial Privacy: CF&P Foundation Issues Third in a Series on Country Tax Systems

December 27, 2006
Tax Justice Network's Murphy Refuses to Debate Dan Mitchell on Tax Competition: Strange Development Since Murphy Just Boasted That No One Would Step into the Arena Against Him

November 8, 2006
Should American Taxpayers Fund Pro-Tax Increase Policies at the UN and OECD?

October 5, 2006
As OECD Lobbies for More U.S. Tax Dollars, Senators Ask Paris-Based Bureaucracy to Clarify Misleading Claim About Taxes

September 5, 2006
The Slovakian Tax Reform:  Flat Tax System is Very Successful, Though New Government May Weaken and Undermine Pro-Growth System CF&P Foundation Issues Second in a Series on World Tax Systems

August 1, 2006
Blaming the Victims:
Senate Committee Hearing on Low-Tax Jurisdictions Fails to Address Problems with Tax Code, Chooses Instead to Attack Fiscal Sovereignty and Seeks More Power for the IRS

July 31, 2006
Rep. Chocola Seeks Section 911 Reform to Level the Playing Field for Americans Living and Working Abroad

July 13, 2006
Coalition Endorses Inhofe/Nelson Bill to Stop Global Taxes and Tax Harmonization Schemes

June 20, 2006
Study Finds that Double-Taxation of Overseas Americans is Bad Tax Policy, Hurts U.S. Economy, Impairs Employment, Unfair and Complicated

June 20, 2006
Capitol Seminar with Senator Jim Demint:
Making America More Competitive: Eliminating the Double-Taxation of Americans Who Live and Work Overseas

June 19, 2006
Study Finds that Mandates Drive up Cost of Health Insurance, Jurisdictional Competition Will Fix Problem: Competition Between States will Lower Costs and Make Health Care More Affordable

June 13, 2006
Coalition Applauds Senator Jim DeMint's Leadership on Making Americans More Competitive Overseas

June 12, 2006
Academic Research Shows Tax Havens Benefit the Global Economy: Competition Between Nations Lead to Better Policy, Better Economic Performance

June 1, 2006
The Swedish Tax System:  Should it be a Role Model for the Rest of the World? ~ CF&P Foundation Issues First in a Series on World Tax Systems

May 10, 2006
The Economics of Financial Regulation, Anti-Money Laundering Laws, Financial Crime, and the War on Terror

April 6, 2006
CF&P Foundation Announces Two Earhart Research Fellows

March 22, 2006
Coalition for Tax Competition Urges Immediate Withdrawal of Proposed Clinton-Era IRS Regulation

February 9, 2006
Coalition for Tax Competition Urges White House to Defund the Paris-based OECD

January 12, 2006
CF&P Foundation Study Documents OECD's Anti-U.S. Activities: Study Finds that Taxpayers Get Poor Return On $70 Million Cost of OECD Membership

December 6, 2005
OECD Attacks Sovereignty of U.S. States: Paris-Based Bureaucracy Wants Washington to Force Changes to State Corporate Law Treasury ~ Official at OECD's Melbourne Forum Acquiesces to OECD Demands

November 16, 2005
OECD Tax Harmonization Scheme Stymied: Most Low-Tax Jurisdictions Hold Firm on Level Playing Field Demand, Other Jurisdictions Reject the Tax Cartel Altogether

November 15, 2005
OECD Bait-and-Switch Tactic Unlikely to Rescue Faltering Tax Harmonization Scheme

October 31, 2005
OECD Urges Higher Taxes in America – Including A European-Style VAT: CF&P Says U.S. Should Stop Subsidizing OECD

October 17, 2005
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Co-Hosts Tax Competition Roundtable in Australia

May 25, 2005
CF&P Foundation Study Documents Benefits of Americans Working Overseas; Calls for Elimination of Section 911 Limit to Help U.S. Competitiveness

May 11, 2005
CF&P Foundation to Cosponsor Panama Tax Competition Roundtable Seminar: Leading International Tax Experts to Discuss OECD, EU and UN Tax Harmonization Schemes and their Adverse Effect on Panama and Other Low-Tax Jurisdictions

May 9, 2005
OECD Veers Further to the Left: Paris-Based Bureaucracy Expresses Support for U.N. Global Tax Scheme and Seeks 450 Percent Increase in U.S. Foreign Aid Spending: CF&P Says U.S. Should Stop Subsidizing OECD

April 7, 2005
Tax Justice Network Sides with Europe's Tax Collectors, Ignores Critical Role of Low-Tax Jurisdiction in Protecting Human Rights and Promoting Pro-Growth Policy

March 21, 2005
51 Months is Enough: Coalition Urges Immediate Withdrawal of Proposed Clinton-Era IRS Regulation

October 21, 2004
Coalition for Tax Competition says American Taxpayers Should not Subsidize OECD's Anti-Market Activities

August 18, 2004
Foundation Study Highlights Economic Benefits of Competitive Shipping Market, Condemns OECD/ITF Attack Against Open Registries

June 4, 2004
OECD Suffers Setback, Postpones Anti-Privacy Effort: Paris-Based Bureaucracy Creates new Blacklist, Targets Chinese

May 31, 2004
Foundation Study Documents OECD Deceit: Paris-Based Bureaucracy Reneges on Commitments for Level Playing Field and Uniform Consequences for Non-Compliance

May 19, 2004
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Co-Hosts Tax Competition Roundtable in Berlin:  Panel of International Experts Announced

May 14, 2004
CF&P to Cosponsor Berlin Tax Competition Conference: Leading Policymakers to Discuss OECD and EU Tax Harmonization Proposals

April 26, 2004
House Leadership Urges Permanent Withdrawal of "Misguided, Clinton-Era Regulation": DeLay, Blunt, Pryce, and Cantor say proposed regulation is harmful to current economic recovery and undermines tax reform agenda.

April 15, 2004
Independent Study Says IRS Regulation Will Drive $87 Billion Out of U.S. Banks and Raise Interest Rates; Report also Confirms that Agency Abused Regulatory Process

March 22, 2004
28 Congressmen Warn that Economic Recovery Could Be Jeopardized If Clinton-Era IRS Regulation is Not Withdrawn

February 25, 2004
Warning that Interest-Reporting Regulation Could Cause Capital Flight, Istook Condemns IRS for Legal and Regulatory Abuses

January 26, 2004
Three Years is Enough: Coalition Urges Withdrawal of Clinton-O'Neill IRS Regulation

October 22, 2003
Foundation Study Documents OECD's Failure: Bureaucracy's Anti-Tax Competition Project Floundering

October 15, 2003
CF&P Celebrates OECD Defeat in Ottawa: Paris-Based Bureaucracy Concedes Absence of Level Playing Field

September 30, 2003
CF&P Co-Hosts Tax Competition Roundtable in Ottawa:  Panel of International Experts Announced

September 23, 2003
Coalition for Tax Competition Praises Sweeney for Fighting UN and OECD Tax Schemes; Groups say U.S. Taxpayers Should Not Fund International Bureaucracies that Advocate Global Taxation and Tax Harmonization Policies that Hurt the U.S.

September 8, 2003
CF&P Tax Competition Conference in Ottawa: Center Challenges OECD to Participate

July 11, 2003
Study Explains How the IRS Interest-Reporting Regulation Will Hinder the Fight Against Money Laundering

May 23, 2003
CF&P Applauds President and Congress: Tax Cut Legislation Produces Lower Taxes on Capital and Elimination of Anti-Competitive "Section 911" Provision

May 22, 2003
24 House Members Ask Snow to Permanently
Withdraw IRS Interest Reporting Rule

May 16, 2003
Ensign Repatriation Amendment Passes By 3-1 Margin: Shift Toward Territorial Taxation Will Bring Capital to US Economy

May 13, 2003
Senate Tax Bill Raises Taxes on Americans Working Overseas, Harms U.S. Competitiveness

May 9, 2003
13 GOP Freshmen Ask Treasury Secretary Snow to Permanently Withdraw IRS's Interest Reporting Regulation

May 1, 2003
Treasury Official Misrepresents Clinton-Era IRS Regulation in Testimony to Small Business Committee

April 16, 2003
Sweeney Legislation Protects America's Economy
International Bureaucracies Will Lose U.S. Subsidy if They Support Anti-American Economic and Tax Policies

April 10, 2003
Study Explains that Government Intervention Undermines Sound Corporate Governance: Markets, not regulation, best way to monitor executive behavior

April 3, 2003
CF&P Announces Caribbean Tour to Discuss Tax Competition, Financial Privacy, and Fiscal Sovereignty

March 12, 2003
Taxpayer Advocates Praise Senate Action Against IRS Regulation: Bipartisan Banking Committee letter Slams Effort to Enforce Foreign Tax Laws

February 10, 2003
Study Finds that the IRS is Undermining Congressional Intent and Subverting Rule-of-Law: Congress Designed Law to Attract Capital to the U.S. Economy

January 27, 2003
Free Market Leaders Denounce New Savings Tax Directive: US Will Not Support EU Tax Harmonization Scheme, OECD Commitment Letters No Longer Binding

January 7, 2003
Coalition for Tax Competition Praises Bush Tax Reform Plan; But Warns Proposed IRS Interest Reporting Rule Could Undermine President's Policies

November 14, 2002
Coalition Seeks "Immediate" Withdrawal of IRS Rule;
Interest Reporting Regulation Will Hurt U.S. Banks, Workers, Consumers, Homeowners, & Entrepreneurs

November 7, 2002
House Small Business Committee Chairman Strongly Opposes IRS Interest Reporting Rule

October 29, 2002
White House Reiterates Opposition to EU Savings Tax Cartel: Free-Market Leaders Hail Administration Stance

October 28, 2002
House Rules Committee Member Denounces IRS Information Sharing Regulation; Pete Sessions: IRS "Proposal is an Abuse of the Regulatory Process"

October 18, 2002
CF&P's Effort Pays Off: Misguided Corporate Inversion Legislation Dies in House

October 3, 2002
Key Lawmaker Condemns IRS Regulation: Florida Banks are Ultimate Target

October 1, 2002
Ways and Means Vice Chairman Urges Withdrawal of Misguided IRS Regulation: Rep. Phil Crane: "It is not needed to enforce US tax law and it will drive capital from our economy."

August 29, 2002
Coalition Applauds Thomas' International Tax Reform Proposal: Urges Chairman to Drop Inversion Moratorium and Tax Increase on Foreign Companies' U.S. Operations

August 5, 2002
Coalition Rejects "Clinton-Lite" IRS Regulation: Urges Administration to Rein in Treasury Bureaucracy

July 24, 2002
CF&P Hails Death of EU Savings Tax Directive: Bush Administration Rejects Tax Cartel

June 6, 2002
Fiscal Protectionism is Wrong Response to Inversions, Lawmakers Instead Should Fix Tax Code: Companies should be allowed to flee bad economic policy

May 22, 2002
Treasury's Mixed Message on Inversion: Report Properly Blames Tax Code for Expatriations, But Policy Prescriptions Fall Short

April 24, 2002
Coalition for Tax Competition Condemns Fiscal Protectionism: Urges Territorial Taxation to Make U.S. Companies More Competitive

April 18, 2002
The OECD Lays an Egg: Low-Tax Jurisdictions Will Achieve Final Victory When EU Savings Tax Directive is Defeated

April 9, 2002
46 Lawmakers Urge Withdrawal of Clinton-Era IRS Regulation: Accuse IRS of Putting Foreign Tax Collectors Ahead of US Economic Interests

April 3, 2002
Task Force Report Promotes Improved Global Cooperation in Fight against Crime, Endorses Privacy Protections for Taxpayers

March 25, 2002
The Case for International Tax Competition:  A Caribbean Perspective

March 12, 2002
Tax Reform, not Fiscal Protectionism, is the Right Response to Corporate Flight:  CF&P Reiterates Call for Territorial Taxation

February 27, 2002
Coalition for Tax Competition Endorses Territorial Tax System, Urges Bush Administration to Support Pro-Competitive Reform

January 31, 2002
OECD Eats Crow…Again: Barbados Removed from Blacklist Without Signing Away Sovereignty

January 17, 2002
CF&P Seeks Formal Withdrawal of Clinton-Era IRS Regulation: One-Year Old Proposal Would Undermine U.S. Banks, Drive Capital From America

January 15, 2002
New Study, Using U.S. Government Data, Finds Dirty Money is More Likely to be Laundered In High-Tax Nations than Tax Havens

January 14, 2002
Turning Lemons into Lemonade: WTO Ruling Creates Golden Opportunity for Adoption of Territorial Tax System

December 19, 2001
CF&P Asks OMB to Review Clinton-Era Bank Deposit Interest Regulation: IRS Should Not Harm U.S. Economy By Helping Foreign Governments Tax Income Earned in America . . . 26 of the Country's Most Prestigious Free Market Groups Join CF&P in Letter to Bush Administration

November 27, 2001
New Study Explains Why Tax Harmonization Threatens America's Competitive Advantage In Global Economy

November 14, 2001
Notwithstanding Concessions, OECD "Harmful Tax Competition" Scheme Is Still Bad Idea: Contrary To America's Economic Interests

November 6, 2001
CF&P Warns Senate About Clinton-Era Bank Deposit Interest Regulation: IRS Should Not Help Foreign Governments Tax Income Earned in America . . . 39 Groups Join Center in Call for Pro-Growth Tax Policy

October 25, 2001
Quinlan: Low Tax Rates Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism . . .

October 3, 2001
Money Laundering Bills Will Undermine International Cooperation In The Fight Against Terrorism

August 12, 2001
CF&P Calls on the Bush Administration to Issue Regulations to Protect Taxpayers Financial Privacy

August 2, 2001
New UN Tax Agenda is Threat to U.S. Taxpayers

July 27, 2001
New Study Exposes Fraudulent Oxfam Calculation

July 18, 2001
Committee Hearing Stacked . . . Majority Not Confident of Their Position

July 16, 2001
CF&P's Quinlan becomes member of the Prosperity Institute's Task Force on Information Exchange and Financial Privacy

June 28, 2001
OECD Forced to Make Major Concessions, But New Agreement Still Dangerously Flawed

June 21, 2001
CF&P's Quinlan Testifies Against IRS Effort to Make U.S. Banks Informers for Foreign Tax Collectors

May 20, 2001
CF&P Applauds U.S. Delegation To OECD Meeting; Announces New Competitive Tax Policy Campaign

May 17, 2001
The Battle for Tax Competition, Financial Privacy, and Fiscal Sovereignty Is Not Over

April 29, 2001
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Statement on the G7 Meeting

April 23, 2001
Heritage Foundation Seminar on the Battle to Preserve Tax Competition, Financial Privacy, and Fiscal Sovereignty

February 26, 2001
CF&P Takes Tax Battle to Heart of Enemy Territory, Releases Strategy Memo for Paris Task Force Meeting

February 7, 2001
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Denounces New IRS Regulations: IRS is Putting Desires of Foreign Tax Collectors Ahead of US Economic Interests

January 31, 2001
OECD Strikes Out in London, U.S. Position Misrepresented

January 9, 2001
OECD Forced to Retreat:  CF&P Applauds Determined Stand by Caribbean Leaders

January 6, 2001
CF&P's OECD Tax Competition Discussions

December 22, 2000
CF&P to Participate in Discussion with Targeted Countries in Barbados:  Dialogue will Center on the OECD "Harmful Tax Competition" Project

November 21, 2000
Group Formed to Defend Taxpayers from International Threats: Center for Freedom and Prosperity to Kick-Off at Miami Conference


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