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June 20, 2006 -- Capitol Seminar

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Cordially Invites You To Seminar in the Capitol

*** Room S-207, The Mansfield Room, U.S. Capitol ***
*** You must RSVP to attend ***

 Making America More Competitive: Eliminating the Double-Taxation of Americans Who Live and Work Overseas

Senator Jim DeMint
South Carolina

With remarks by
Daniel J. Mitchell
The Heritage Foundation

     Lawmakers recently approved legislation to extend through 2010 the lower tax rates on dividends and capital gains. While a much-needed step to keep the economy strong, this silver cloud contained a dark lining a tax hike on Americans who live and work overseas. These foreign-domiciled Americans already pay tax to foreign governments (just as the U.S. government taxes resident aliens working in America), so any additional U.S. tax liability represents a punitive form of double-taxation. Only a tiny handful of nations such as Egypt and the Philippines impose worldwide taxation on their citizens. Other nations, including every single developed country, rely on the common-sense principle of territorial taxation and thus only tax income earned inside their borders. Double-taxing Americans who live and work overseas violates good tax policy, and it also hurts American competitiveness since U.S. multinational companies are less able to compete on a level playing field unless they choose to hire foreigners. Simply stated, current law, governed by Section 911 of the tax code, increases the cost of hiring U.S. citizens. But this is not just an employment issues; having fewer Americans in the global marketplace has negative implications for U.S. exports.

     Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina is proposing legislation to create a territorial tax system for overseas Americans, and will be discussing the need for this reform at the June 20 seminar. Dan Mitchell of the Heritage Foundation will also comment on the need for reform.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
3:30 p.m.
Room S-207, The Mansfield Room, U.S. Capitol
(Enter The Capitol at the Constitution Ave. Visitors Entrance)

RSVP to Andy Quinlan at (202) 285-0244
Or, email:


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