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CFP Special Alert, March 22, 2002

Center for Freedom and Prosperity Special Alert

UN Tax Grab Put on Hold

The UN's attempt to "Fleece" America failed today in Monterrey, Mexico.

Despite the platitudes put forth by such "capitalists" as Fidel Castro and Jacques Chirac, President Bush was able to hold off the shakedown from the United Nations.

French President Jacques Chirac called for global taxes when he said, "We therefore need to give deeper consideration to the possibilities of international taxation."

Cuban President Fidel Castro also endorsed the global tax agenda.

Fred Gedrich from the Washington based Freedom Alliance, and member of the Coalition for Tax Competition, was in Monterrey monitoring the UN conference.  Fred reports:

"Amid the pomp and circumstance of this international gathering of global bureaucrats a general feeling of disappointment and bitterness exists it appears the conference will conclude without a requirement for a firm commitment on increasing levels of foreign aid from 'wealthy' countries to 'impoverished' countries or without any mention of the famed currency transaction tax. In other words a major victory for U.S. taxpayers.

"Organizers of the UN Conference on Financing for Development originally saw this event as a great opportunity to coerce and shame 'wealthy' countries, under the guise of fighting a world-wide war on poverty in a 133 'Third World' countries, into transferring $466 billion annually (an estimated $166 billion on foreign aid and another $300 billion on the currency transaction tax) to the UN in support of a host of dubious socialist causes including a standing UN army and a global international criminal court.

"They viewed 'foreign aid and a global tax on currency transactions' as the primary instruments for obtaining this revenue and the United States as the major funding source.

"They blame United States in general and President Bush in particular for them not being able to achieve their goals." [Link to Fred's full report below:]

Fred will be filing a complete report when he returns next week. The following is a link to several of the his reports leading up to the conference:

More in our next CFP Weekly Update.



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March 20, 2002, The Washington Times, By Ben Barber, U.S. spurns renewed calls for world tax

March 20, 2002, The Washington Times, by Helle Dale, Poverty and terrorism


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