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Facts about the United Nations' Global Taxation Scheme

In 2001, the UN issued the ZedilloReport, calling for radical changes to international tax policy attacking tax competition and fiscal sovereignty. The report recommended an International Tax Organization, global taxes, emigrant taxation, and a back-door form of tax harmonization. These initiatives would have undermined individual liberty and encouraged statist economic policy. These initiatives have been stymied, but the UN is still supporting policies that would severely jeopardize fiscal sovereignty, individual liberty and prosperity.

FACT: The United Nations wants the power to levy worldwide taxes, and has identified currency taxes and energy taxes as the most likely targets. Such taxes are designed to redistribute income from. Not surprisingly, American taxpayers would be hit the hardest.

FACT:  The UN report endorses the creation of an International Tax Organization. This new body would have some relatively mundane responsibilities, such as collecting statistics and monitoring developments in tax policy, but facilitating bad tax policy seems to be the number one objective. The 2001 report explicitly states that the International Tax Organization should help countries tax income earned outside their borders, and it also argues that such a body could "take a lead role in restraining tax competition."

FACT: The United Nations wants "information exchange," a form of tax harmonization that would let high-tax nations impose their tax laws on income earned in other nations including America. This double taxation scheme will discourage foreign investment in the United States and cause harm to our economy.

FACT: Unlike national governments, international bureaucracies are not accountable. In light of the oil-for-food scandal, the UN should have no power to collect taxes or dictate the tax policy of sovereign nations.

FACT: In the 2001 report, the UN endorsed steps to create a global council to promote global governance because quote: 'modern globalization calls for global governance'. Indeed, the various global taxation schemes described above are the critical first steps towards that ominous end.

FACT: As recently as 2006, The United Nations demanded that the rich nations spend 0.7 percent of their gross domestic product on development aid.

FACT: The UN report endorses emigrant taxation, meaning that people would be tax slaves to their country of birth. For example, if a computer programmer from the Third World comes to Silicon Valley, the Third World country would retain the right to tax his income. This scheme is an affront to fiscal sovereignty and economic liberty.

FACT: In 2006, a new Geneva-based organization called UNITAID announced a plan to raise at least $300 million through "innovative financing mechanism (i.e., global taxes). The taxes are designed to go for global purposes and finance international agencies. By characterizing the onerous global taxation scheme as a means to fight deadly diseases, the U.N. hopes to overcome opposition and get the camel's nose of global taxation under the tent.

For More Information:

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Congressional letters:

February 7, 2002, The Washington Times, by Dan Mitchell, U.N. tax police potential

August 21, 2001, The Washington Times, A one-world taxing authority?

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