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Excerpt from CNN's June 16, 2001, Capital Gang Television Show.

Robert Novak's "The Outrage of the Week":

Last week's outrage by Mark Shields confused patriotism with the European community hounding its citizens who are escaping excessive taxation. The Bush Administration refuses to join a cartel forcing high tax rates worldwide. The outrage? The IRS now proposes a regulation subject to Treasury approval forcing U.S. banks to report interest they pay foreigners. To Europeans, the U.S. is as much a tax shelter as the Cayman Islands. They want nobody to escape the global tax police and, Mark, that has nothing do with patriotism. [Mark Shields' outrage from the previous week is below]


Excerpt from CNN's June 9, 2001, Capital Gang Television Show.

Mark Shields' "The Outrage of the Week":

"Now for 'The Outrage of the Week.' The men and women who defend our country are patriots, so too are teachers, police, nurses and firefighters, all of whom pay the U.S. taxes they owe. What is unpatriotic is the selfish conniving of the super rich to evade their responsibility by hiding income in offshore tax havens like Panama and the Caribbean.

"The Bush administration has abandoned the law-abiding patriots and instead cuddles tax evaders who are rightly pursued for what they owe by Western democracies except the United States. Thanks to "The New York Times," we know former seven former IRS commissioners have urged the Bush administration to close the tax loophole used by those who love their money more than they love their country -- Robert Novak. NOVAK: It's called tax freedom, Mark, it's called tax freedom. "


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